Enrich Enterprises, Inc. is a Management Consulting Group providing scalable and interim Executives, Leaders and Experts.


Have a Gap? Let's fill it.

The EEI Model.

Our clients never have a gap in the talent or expertise they need to drive success.
Our model provides on-demand control over your talent solution, enabling you to
immediately leverage your talent’s expertise producing a noticeable impact.

  • Intelligence at Scale
  • Subscription
  • Bench
The Power to Scale... Intelligence on demand.

Intelligence at Scale (IaS) ensures you will always have the exact talent needed for success, on-demand and on-budget. Working with your organization to determine the intelligence and ability needed to accomplish your business goals, EEI handcrafts a bench of exceptional talent and subject matter experts that will drive immediate solutions for any challenge.

The Power to Scale... Intelligence on demand.


  • Systems To Scale Talent At Will
  • Resources Ready For Work In Days Not Weeks
  • Full Control Over Budget and Schedule
  • Built-In Resource Redundency

Our subscription model is the driving force behind IaS, enabling continual and on-demand access to your intelligent solution. A subscription with EEI means your expert talent will always stay close to your operation and be available on-demand as an advisor. This provides the agility to utilize your bench’s expertise to drive immediate solutions.

Direct Access to Executives, Leaders and Experts... When You Need Them!


  • Provides Instant Access
  • Immediate Solutions
  • Puts You In Control
  • Find The Perfect Match For What You Need

Our Bench Services provide a range of experts that have been handpicked to properly address the specific talent and expertise gaps constraining your ability to accomplish organizational goals. You will have continual and on-demand access to the same group of talent, enabling you to cultivate a partnership based on familiarity and the trust they have a complete understanding of your business. With an EEI Bench you can immediately leverage one or multiple experts to drive a solution, solve short-term problems, and seize immediate opportunities; without the full-time commitment.

An extension of your talent pool.


  • Contingency Capailities
  • Interim Executives
  • Critical Leadership
  • Scalable Experts


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